Is death and guilt intrinsically linked?

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For those of you who have lost a friend or family member, I have a question. Does death always bring guilt? I’m batting three for three. Is this normal or am I just a shit friend and family member?

My first test knit

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I’ve never done a test knit before but when a call came out in a new ravelry group I’d joined for a top that I loved the look of, I thought, why not. We had plenty of time before the … Continued

Lion top done

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He’s done! Well the quilt top is anyway. Here’s the fabric I’ve picked for the backing. I’ve got wool batting and a selection of hand quilting threads. Yes, that’s right, I’ve decided to hand quilt him. Originally moonglow was supposed … Continued

A little overboard?

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I had a video skype call with my brother this morning and I got to see his 8 day old son. Very cute. And it was great to see Neil with him, though he did wake him up and wind … Continued

A beautiful day..

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.. a beautiful place to work. I enjoy my lunch time walks but sometimes it’s easy to forget that we have so many options available to us. Yesterday we went a different way, and found this beautiful spot. I love … Continued

Knitting progress

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Since I posted by FAL list, I’ve been busy. I have one knitting item finished, my two-by-two (hope to post some pics of me wearing it soon). And I have just the sleeves and neckband to do to complete another. … Continued

Quilting progress

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I haven’t spent much time on my Lion quilt in the last few weeks, so he still looks the same as he did in my FAL list post. But I did get all the border pieces cut and each strip … Continued

First steps

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First some admin. Please change your blog readers and feed lists to point to I’ll be making some changes here over the next few weeks and then and will no longer redirect to my blog. And now … Continued

Still alive

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Oops. I didn’t mean to leave it this long between posts. There’s a lot to catch you up on, which mostly require their own posts. I have managed to finish one item on my FAL list, and another just needs … Continued

Unrealistic Plans

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There’s this event going on in blogland at the moment, where you write an unrealistically long list of things you want to complete (and that’s all the way complete) in a 3 month time frame. The you get a chance … Continued

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