Not again!

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What do you get when you cross a new rotary cutter, a slippery ruler and careless cutting tiny pieces because the sewing lines are marked so you know you don’t have to be all that careful about exactly cutting on … Continued

Next stop on the hop

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Not much to see here today as I had a pretty busy weekend out socialising. Lots of good food, spending time with friends.. what more could a girl ask for. Especially after the three previous weekends. But today you can … Continued

Why I knit

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I was wearing this at work yesterday And it prompted this conversation in the kitchen at lunch time. Colleague: I’m just admiring your cardi. Me: Thanks. Colleague: A good one is hard to find, they’re either too thick or too … Continued

Preparing for the invasion

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Two years ago, I designed this quilt. With the plan to make it of 0.5″ finished squares, totalling 36,864 pieces. I started auditioning fabrics for it but then I placed an embargo on starting it until some other pieces were … Continued

Productive couch time

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My attempt to ignore the fact that I was sick this past week didn’t work, and the flu-like bug I had the week before turned into a chest infection. So another weekend of bed/couch surfing. To pass the time, I … Continued

What a difference a week makes

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This time last week I had great plans for the week. Order yarn, get started with bulk yarn dyeing, finish my new website, tidy my sewing room and get started quilting some much neglected quilts. Um, lets see, of that … Continued

Becoming less quiet

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Wow, it’s been very quiet here in recent months hasn’t it. Even when I managed to pop back in, I’d only pop in once then disappear again. First let me say, don’t worry, nothing is wrong. I’m not entirely sure … Continued

Goodies from Italy

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I got back from a few days in Italy early this morning. The plane was delayed so I didn’t get home until almost 2am, so very tired today. Still in a fog. Perfect for spending the afternoon on the sofa … Continued


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Hi all. Sorry for the huge downer of my last post. Shouldn’t blog while drinking and grieving. Thanks all for the messages. I’ve lost three people now and felt probably as much guilt as grief at each of their passings … Continued

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