Do you have a food processor?

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If so, make these right now. Well, ok, you can wait until breakfast, or the coming weekend, but you really must try these banana pancakes. I’d love to be able to show you a picture of the ones I made … Continued

Goals update

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Yes, it’s been quiet here again lately. I’ve been pretty much craft free for the last couple of weeks due to the left elbow problem not just being my left elbow but my shoulder as well. Each different craft I … Continued

Bad timing

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Tonight I had an email from someone who used to be a friend. Used to because they turned nasty and I then didn’t want to have anything to do with them. The email started off quite well, there was an … Continued

Once upon a time…

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… there was a girl who went to Budapest for work. We’ll call her Nic. Now Nic had never been to Budapest before so she decided to stay an extra day. “I’m planning to be good this year and save … Continued

Hello 2015

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Belated happy new year everyone. I hope you all had a good holiday season. I unluckily got pretty sick right after xmas which is why my last post was so brief and I haven’t posted since. On the plus side, … Continued

Week in review

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I’ve been feeling very stressed lately and up until last weekend haven’t been doing much in the way of craft (a sure sign of just how stressed I am), instead in my downtime I was reading or just generally zoning … Continued

A year ago today

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On this day last year I took a boat to the start of the Milford Track Walked through the trees To the river. Beside the river, And through more trees to the hut for the first night. Before stopping for … Continued

What a difference a week makes

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This time last week I had great plans for the week. Order yarn, get started with bulk yarn dyeing, finish my new website, tidy my sewing room and get started quilting some much neglected quilts. Um, lets see, of that … Continued

Becoming less quiet

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Wow, it’s been very quiet here in recent months hasn’t it. Even when I managed to pop back in, I’d only pop in once then disappear again. First let me say, don’t worry, nothing is wrong. I’m not entirely sure … Continued

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