Do you have a food processor?

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If so, make these right now. Well, ok, you can wait until breakfast, or the coming weekend, but you really must try these banana pancakes. I’d love to be able to show you a picture of the ones I made … Continued

Goals update

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Yes, it’s been quiet here again lately. I’ve been pretty much craft free for the last couple of weeks due to the left elbow problem not just being my left elbow but my shoulder as well. Each different craft I … Continued

Fresh lemonade

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For the last couple of months, I’ve had the urge to take a pile of these And turn them into this. Yep. Fresh lemonade. I found a recipe to use as a sarting point last weekend, and with a slight … Continued

The last two weeks

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Two weeks have passed since I last post. Did I blink? I think I blinked. Lets try again with that getting back into blogging thing, shall we? So this last week I really haven’t done much in the way of … Continued

Apricot brandy truffles

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I meant to write and schedule this blog post before I started my down time over xmas and new years, but I forgot. So here is the last truffle recipe I wanted to share from this year. To make these … Continued

White chocolate limoncello truffles

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To make these you need: 125ml single cream 400g white chocolate (good quality, not eating choc) a lemon 2 Tbsp limoncello Grate lemon zest (just remember to pick up a zest grater or you’ll end up using a food processor … Continued

Truffle making 101

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As promised, here is the first post in a truffle making series. This first one is just a basic how-to. You’ll see how easy it is, and you still have time to make some yourself if you choose. The basic … Continued

Truffles complete

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My kitchen is a mess – I’ll clean it up tomorrow. My fridge has been taken over by truffle weekend… …but mission accomplished: I have them all ready to take to work in the morning. I always have two colours … Continued