Space Invaders Saturday – Month 3

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Not much progress this month as I’ve been busy with other things, but I was able to add to the pile of 10-piece strips and sew some together into a block. So, another boring pic this month, but there is … Continued

Space Invaders Saturday, Month 2

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Not much progress to show this month as I’ve been working on a test knit. But I have managed to put together a small pile of strips 10 pieces long. I use these strips to make blocks of 10 x … Continued

Space Invaders Saturday: Month 1

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At the end of the first month, I have a nice little amount of progress to share. Of course, in the scheme of things it’s only a very small portion of the quilt, but I’m happy with the progress. It’s … Continued

Space Invaders Saturday: Week 2

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I didn’t have much time to work on the Space Invaders quilt this week. And there’s not much to see as all I was working on was sewing together strips of 10 blocks and sewing these strips together. Sorry for … Continued

Space Invaders Saturday

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Welcome to the first installation of Space Invaders Saturday. I’ve been looking forward to starting this quilt for so long that I know I’ll be doing at least a bit every week. And since several of you have been waiting … Continued

Not again!

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What do you get when you cross a new rotary cutter, a slippery ruler and careless cutting tiny pieces because the sewing lines are marked so you know you don’t have to be all that careful about exactly cutting on … Continued

Preparing for the invasion

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Two years ago, I designed this quilt. With the plan to make it of 0.5″ finished squares, totalling 36,864 pieces. I started auditioning fabrics for it but then I placed an embargo on starting it until some other pieces were … Continued

My week in review

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Yep, I’ve been pretty quiet on blogland this week. I’ve skimmed through most of the blog posts in my reader but haven’t responded to them all. So if you didn’t hear anything from me, sorry, but I have been reading. … Continued

A girls’ day out

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Yesterday, I had a lovely day out in London. Nicki joined on the train down, and we met up with Charlotte in West Hampstead. We stopped for some sustenance and a chat before Charlotte took us to Village Haberdashery, which … Continued

Alien colours

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I’ve started getting fabric for my space invaders quilt. The black, purple and blues are easy to find, but the four different teal-greens, not so much. Especially if I want a nice gradation. I didn’t even try picking the four … Continued