A gallery of finishes

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A lovely sunny evening on Wednesday meant there was still enough light for a little photo shoot after work, so I had a friend take pics of me with some of my knitting finishes you haven’t seen yet. First up … Continued

Welcome to Y(NS)A

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Welcome to yarnaholics not-so anonymous. My name is Nic and I love yarn. Not just any yarn, the gourmet kind. Hand-dyed, soft… I’m so weak. I visit a yarn show, and always bring home a large bag full of loveliness. … Continued

Yarn safari

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Yesterday was a fun day. Originally I was due to go to London to catch up with Charlotte, but in a spot of fortuitous timing, we needed to reschedule until March. Why fortuitous? Because the day after we decided to … Continued

High Hopes

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I told you in my last post that the reason for my dismal progress on Space Invaders was because I was working on a test knit. I started this just before xmas and used some of my own hand dyed … Continued

Week in review

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I’ve been feeling very stressed lately and up until last weekend haven’t been doing much in the way of craft (a sure sign of just how stressed I am), instead in my downtime I was reading or just generally zoning … Continued

Why I knit

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I was wearing this at work yesterday And it prompted this conversation in the kitchen at lunch time. Colleague: I’m just admiring your cardi. Me: Thanks. Colleague: A good one is hard to find, they’re either too thick or too … Continued

Becoming less quiet

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Wow, it’s been very quiet here in recent months hasn’t it. Even when I managed to pop back in, I’d only pop in once then disappear again. First let me say, don’t worry, nothing is wrong. I’m not entirely sure … Continued

My first test knit

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I’ve never done a test knit before but when a call came out in a new ravelry group I’d joined for a top that I loved the look of, I thought, why not. We had plenty of time before the … Continued

Knitting progress

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Since I posted by FAL list, I’ve been busy. I have one knitting item finished, my two-by-two (hope to post some pics of me wearing it soon). And I have just the sleeves and neckband to do to complete another. … Continued

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