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Welcome to yarnaholics not-so anonymous. My name is Nic and I love yarn. Not just any yarn, the gourmet kind. Hand-dyed, soft… I’m so weak. I visit a yarn show, and always bring home a large bag full of loveliness. I go to a yarn sell out and come home with 2.5 kg. Yes, my yarn purchasing has reduced from my favourite online indie dyers, but this has been offset by those yarn shows and of course last month’s epic Saturday of yarn.

So yesterday, as I was (finally) sorting out my sewing room so that I can not only walk into it, but also use it too, I went through all my yarn, putting away the newer volumes that didn’t yet have a home, and wrote down everything that I have. Ravelry’s stash pages are meant for this, but I haven’t always added new buys there.

I now know exactly how much yarn I have. Oh my is it a lot. On the plus side, I never bought yarn just for the sake of it. I have very few single skeins and most of those were bought to go with other skeins in a 2 or 3 colour jumper/cardi or on their own for a pair of funky socks. So my stash is all very usable. But big. So how much do I have? Confession time…

Lace weight: 3.4 kg
Sock/sport weight: 9.6 kg
DK and above: 6.6kg

Yes, that is a whopping 19.6 kg of yarn I have sitting upstairs. And I purposefully didn’t count any yarn that is currently in a WIP, so that number may grow just from having some yarn put back into stash.

Going through it, I was looking to see if there was any I just didn’t love anymore and could sell on Ravelry. Only about 500g. Yeah, like that’s going to make a difference. On the plus side, it does illustrate just how well I bought.

So, what do I intend to do to get this massive volume of yarn under control? Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to grow several extra pairs of arms to knit 6 garments simultaneously. But recently I have been (mostly) knitting one piece at a time. And enjoying it. I know, shock horror. I love having something ready to wear reasonably quickly. And I love wearing my hand knits. I knit a jumper last month and am currently on the sleeves for another. And I just finished a baby blanket this week that I started in January. So I am steadily working through the yarn. Slowly. If I don’t buy any more.

Of course, not buying more is the key. But I’m just not that disciplined. So instead I’m going to attempt to have more yarn going out each month than coming in. The yarn going out will be what was used in a finished garment, so if something takes me 2 months to finish, the full amount used will go towards the second month’s tally. I can also reduce by destashing that whopping 500g of yarn I don’t love anymore and by destashing any left over skeins from a WIP that aren’t enough for me to use for something else, but might be for someone else.

And help me stay honest, sometime near the beginning of each month, I’m going to report how I do here.

I was tempted to do something similar with my fabric stash, but as a hand sewer, I really don’t have that much progress of using it. Plus, while my fabric stash is much more impressive than it was 3-4 years ago, it’s actually not that large and I rarely add to it, so I think I’m safe.

What about you, do you need to join Y(NS)A or F(NS)A?

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  1. Charlotte

    I’ve recently become a total yarn addict. I blame you 😉

  2. (: How many metres is 19.1 kilogrammes of yarn?

  3. I think I’d be a complete yarn addict if I could tolerate wool (or, indeed, anything slightly tickly – I couldn’t even wear the shawl I made out of cotton yarn as the texture from the yarn-overs, etc. made my neck itch!). I’m always very envious of skeins of hand-dyed yarn, etc. and am always picking up yarn in my local shop then immediately putting it down because it’s itchy! One day I shall knit myself a cardi that I can wear…one day!

  4. Wow. That’s a lot of stash. Let’s call it a collection. That sounds better.