Lion vs alien

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The universal question: if a lion and alien squared off against each other, who comes out on top?

This month, the lion.

Today I’m supposed to be posting the fourth month’s progress of the space invaders quilt. Except I haven’t put in a single stitch. Instead, all of my sewing time was spent quilting my lion quilt. And unpicking it. And attempting to quilt again.

Still having problems with the tension on my machine. I think it’s sorted and keep checking the back and all is ok, then the tension messes up again. So while most of the quilting is done, I have to unpick about half of it. Again.

Lion quilting

I’ll get there in the end but for now this is lying on my sewing table waiting for me to unpick and resew. The unpicking will probably be done some time this week, but the sewing will have to wait until after the easter long weekend as I’m currently on a no knitting and no machine sewing restriction – orders of my physio as I’m having a tendon problem in my left elbow. Guess the aliens will come out on top until then.

4 Responses

  1. Charlotte

    argh! Sewing machines can be so annoying! Hope your elbow gets better soon :-)

  2. he is very cute :) sounds like you need to treat yourself to a new machine. Yes, I am evil.

  3. I hope the rest of the quilting doesn’t cause you a problem! I also hope that your elbow gets better soon xx

    P.S. Lion vs. alien: I think it would depend on the size of the alien and whether it had any special powers…

  4. Your lion quilt is absolutely adorable!