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Well, that was a waste of time!

I just spent most of today sewing and unpicking (more time spent unpicking of course). I’ve finally started attempting to machine quilt the lion quilt. Most of it has to be done in the ditch (or close enough) so I don’t really have the option to hand quilt – though I still tried after today’s abysmal failure.

I think I’m having tension issues. New needle, changing tension of top thread… doesn’t matter, doesn’t work. I haven’t done much machine quilting, granted, but I’ve never had this sort of problem before. I’m going to give it another go tomorrow and if it’s still bad and the quilt has survived, I think I’ll be looking into places to send it to get it done. What makes this all so much more frustrating, is that if I hadn’t had problems with my machine, I could have gotten all the quilting done today, as there’s not a huge amount to do.

For now, my machine is in time out and I’m going to ignore the quilt for the evening. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes better….

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  1. Oh dear!! Have you tried completely rethreading your machine and removing the bobbin and putting it back in, just to check that all is as it should be? And have you definitely got the needle in the right way round? Does your machine usually like the thread you’re using for the quilting? Are you using the same top and bottom? If it doesn’t turn out better on your next attempt then please can you take a photo of the problem – I’m sure someone will have a good suggestion for fixing it! Good luck!!