A gallery of finishes

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A lovely sunny evening on Wednesday meant there was still enough light for a little photo shoot after work, so I had a friend take pics of me with some of my knitting finishes you haven’t seen yet.

First up is Raspberry tart. I finished this about a week before xmas, and have worn it a lot since. Such beautiful cables on both the front

Raspberry tart, front

and the back.

Raspberry tart back

In February I decided I wanted to make a plain version. I love the cables but I also liked the idea of a simpler version that would let me showcase the beautiful possum/merino wool I bought in NZ. Annamaria (the designer) helped me out with the modifications, letting me know which increases I could drop in the yoke and this beautiful version is what you see.

Plain tart, front

I may need to add some length to the sleeves though as I seem to suffer sleeve creep. I try them on and the length is perfect, then I bind off and wear the garment and all of a sudden the sleeves are too short. So I end up tugging this off my shoulders more by tugging on the arms. Of course, right after a batch it’s back to having the perfect length sleeves. These photos were not taken right after a bath :)

Plain tart, back

And then there is the test knit I started late last month. This is Wildride (not released yet, so I’m linking to the designers project page). The photo here just doesn’t do it justice. It is so comfy, fits perfectly, sits perfectly (when I’m not slouching) and the colour is gorgeous, so deep and impossible (for me) to photograph.

Wildride, front

After my first day wearing it to work, I loved it so much I started a second one that evening. So you’ll see another here eventually.

I’ve been averaging one jumper/cardi a month since late last year and am thrilled by the addition to my wardrobe. I’m going to see if I can if not keep that up, at least manage to get one garment for every two months.

6 Responses

  1. What a beautiful trio of sweaters! You’re really on a roll adding to your wardrobe in a wonderful way.

  2. Breathtaking. (:

  3. so i’m thinking you live in UK just so you can have cold weather and wear sweaters all year round. I’m jealous – I can’t knit that fast and there’s too little knitwear wearing time to make it worth it!

  4. Charlotte

    gorgeous! I particularly love the teal one – it’s so fuzzy!

  5. They’re all beautiful! ‘Sleeve creep’ must be very annoying!

  6. Knit dress next?