Yarn safari

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Yesterday was a fun day. Originally I was due to go to London to catch up with Charlotte, but in a spot of fortuitous timing, we needed to reschedule until March. Why fortuitous? Because the day after we decided to postpone the day in London, I found out that the trains to London weren’t running and it would have taken me hours of travelling time. I also found out about a yarn sellout of a local online yarn shop (the owner was wanting to sell off all her stock). So, off I went to spend a day in Bishops Stortford instead to play with yarn and have lunch with friends.

Now, I must start off with saying that I went to the sale planning to be good and only buy something if I saw something special and could pair up the yarn with a project. This is because I had recently had a good look through my stash looking for my possum-blend yarn from NZ. I love it all and want to knit it up, so this year is supposed to be about reducing my stash, not adding to it.

Then only a couple of steps into the room I was told that nothing was over £5. Oh wow! I proceeded to throw that rule out the window and just snap up anything I liked the look of. It was like a great big yarn safari. Tubs of gorgeousness everywhere. And lots of us having fun hunting through them snapping up bargains. So, what did I get?

First there was some beautiful teal Scrumptious Lace (50/50 merino/silk I think).

Teal scrumptious lace

I was eyeing up the aran of the same yarn, but there wasn’t enough for a project. So I picked up some sportweight instead, in two colours thinking it’ll make a nice two-colour garment.

Scrumptious sport

Then there was some bright purple sock yarn (Sparkleduck Socka). I thought one skein for me for a pair of socks or mitts and I’m sure I know other people who would love a skein for socks/mitts.

Sparkleduck socka

Some Malabrigo sock yarn in Solis. A lovely brighter blue-green that doesn’t photograph well.

Solis malbrigo sock

Some Malabrigo Arroyo in Aguas. It’s a sport-weight yarn too and I may need to buy one more skein for a complete cardi/jumper, but maybe not.

Aguas arroyo

Some more Malabrigo, worsted this time in Marine.

Marine malabrigo worsted

I picked up 400g of Manos Silk Blend in this lovely blue. I might not keep it as I have a friend who would love it. I bought it with that in mind, but I also think she may have already knit something in this colour. I’ll have to do some recon. If it turns out she has and I “need” to keep it, it’ll hardly be a hardship :)

Manos silk blend

That was my intended purchase. But then I saw this lovely llama/merino blend in soft grey

Light grey llama

There were only 6 skeins left and being a bulky yarn I wasn’t sure there would be enough, so I picked up the four medium grey skeins that were still available to go with them.

Medium grey llama

I’m thrilled with my purchases. Looking at the cheapest I can buy any of these online, I saved £300!

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  1. Oh wow!! Lusciousness!!! I would have put my no-buying resolution aside, too! Looks like you found some great deals.

  2. You found some absolute treasures! How could anyone pass up on those deals!

  3. …how big is your stash at this point?

  4. Charlotte

    wowser!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realise that about the trains – lucky indeed. Happy birthday xxx

  5. Gorgeous colours, no wonder your resolve melted!

  6. what great finds!

  7. I think all purchases were completely justified! Have fun choosing projects for them!