Macros took his last breath on Monday. Pretty much spot on 19 years after he entered my life, he left it. I know 19 years is a good long life, but the way he was going, I really thought he’d make it to 21. It started on Saturday morning. He … Continue reading

Bali buys

This week, the fabric that I bought in Bali, and left in Brisbane, finally found its way home to me. Yay. It’s been long enough that I completely forgot what I’d bought, so it was like shopping day all over again. I got a stack of batiks in Denpasar. Had … Continue reading

New home

Yep, changes are afoot.  It’s still a work in progress, but welcome to my new home. Unfortunately, there was a hiccup in moving my old URL which meant that it didn’t point to anything for most of today, but I hope you’ve all found me again.

A perfect day off

Work has been crazy busy and a tad stressful for the last couple of weeks (why I’ve been behind on reading blogs lately). And on Thursday I had an upsetting start to the day at work. Everything was sorted out, there are no repercussions, and I learnt that I have … Continue reading